2018 begins in positive and in general growing for logistics real estate market in Italy, which records good performances in Italian prime cities, such as Milan and Rome.

From last analysis of Research Department of World Capital, we observe an interesting data compare to 5 years-ago: +17% for real estate deals closed in few 8 months.

We record 25% the middle percentage of real estate deals in sector closed in few 8 months.

Although, the most part of our requests are managed from 8 to 12 months (63%), whereas the last 12% is managed in over 12 months.

“The logistics real estate sector, in which we are leader, represents a great value for our Country. – claims Neda Aghabegloo, Responsible Research Department of World Capital – We observe a great attention from national and international investors, which want to develop investments in fast time. With gross yields from 6% to 7,9% for prime products, situated in strategic location, Italy represents a good market to bet on.”

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